Jan 17, 2023

48 Hours in Davos: A Recap of the First Two Days of the Blockchain Hub

The Blockchain Hub at Davos 2023 is officially underway!

Matt Coolidge

Matt Coolidge

VP of Global Communications

48 Hours in Davos: A Recap of the First Two Days of the Blockchain Hub

Monday | Opening Day


For the second consecutive year, Casper Labs, along with our partners at CV Labs, are thrilled to bring together some of the leading thinkers and doers that are actively shaping the future of blockchain technology. 

Programming officially kicked off on Monday, January 16. Anthony Scaramucci (SkyBridge Capital) and David Branch (Consensus Capital) ushered things in with a lively discussion on the state of digital asset markets, and shared their thoughts on why reports of this asset class’ demise are greatly exaggerated. A special thanks to CoinDesk’s Michael Casey for moderating this session. 

Anthony Scaramucci, David Branch and Michael Casey reflecting on a decade of bulls and bears. Photo credit: Loris Di Minico


From there, the evening carried on with a series of announcements: 

  • Casper Labs introduced the State of Enterprise Blockchain Adoption report, which found that, even amid ongoing economic uncertainty, businesses are adopting blockchain technology at higher rates than ever before. You can request the full report here
  • CV VC followed that up by introducing the anticipated CV Top 50 report, which analyzes the 50 top-performing blockchain projects in Switzerland’s famed Crypto Valley. 
  • IPwe then announced that they’ve just deployed 25 million patents as NFTs on the Casper Blockchain. 

This marks the single largest deployment on any blockchain, ever. 

  • Further demonstrating the continued growth of the Casper community, Burrito Wallet, Fluidefi, DropLinked, TrustSwap and GameSwift all announced exciting initiatives that will make Casper even more accessible to people around the world. 


… And that was just the warm-up act for the rest of the week! 


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Tuesday | Restoring Trust in Digital Assets

“Day One,” which was dedicated to officially kicked off on Tuesday, January 17. CV Labs co-founder and CIO led the day’s festivities off with a keynote that emphasized the importance of emphasizing use cases, not the underlying technology, when championing blockchain technology’s existing impact and long-term potential (EDITOR’S NOTE: We agree!). 


Photo credit: Loris Di Minico


From there, an all-star panel convened to examine the elephant in the digital assets room: what does blockchain investing look like in a post-FTX world? As Swisscom Ventures’ Semih Kaçan put it, “What we had seen was a big FOMO in the market – everybody wanted in. Institutional investors would join deals in a matter of 24 hours, often at the cost of due diligence… that will not happen any time soon again.” The times have undoubtedly changed – and the overwhelming consensus was that this will be a positive development for the space in the long term. 

Financial tokenization was a major theme for much of the afternoon, including discussions on how institutional organizations are increasingly gravitating to tokenization for gaining a competitive advantage. Tokenization was also cited as a key strategy for increasing transparency and trust for hard assets – especially for financial services organizations seeking to avoid a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis, a topic that the Casper Association’s Ralf Kubli and Nucleus Finance’s Dr. Willi Brammertz explored in depth.  

The late afternoon sessions shifted focus to the state of Web3 – and how its rapidly maturing infrastructure is enabling a greater convergence between decentralized finance and centralized finance, opening up countless opportunities in the process. Finally, Nitin Gaur from State Street Digital led a thoughtful discussion on the pending wave of regulation that will soon come to the blockchain space – and why it’s a critical enabler of innovation. That sentiment was echoed on subsequent panels featuring Dr. Daniel Risch, the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein, along with Yulia Parkhomenko from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. 

Check back in this space tomorrow for updates from Day 2 of the Blockchain Hub, which will focus on the growing wave of enterprise and government adoption of blockchain technology. 

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