Jun 8, 2022

A Breakthrough Moment for NFT Adoption

CasperLabs partners with BLOCKv and SmartMedia Technologies to deliver the most accessible NFT ecosystem for businesses looking to enter an emerging, multi-billion dollar market.

Matt Coolidge

Matt Coolidge

VP of Global Communications

A Breakthrough Moment for NFT Adoption

Earlier today, BLOCKv and SmartMedia Technologies announced that they will offer their popular NFT solution on the Casper Blockchain, in partnership with CasperLabs. 

Why is this a big deal? 

In a word, accessibility. SmartMedia Technologies offers a self-serve, no-code environment that allows any user – whether they’re a developer or not – to easily deploy BLOCKv-powered “Smart NFTs” without needing to commit any significant technical resources (or to have any existing experience navigating blockchain technology, for that matter).

Thanks to Casper’s proof-of-stake nature, this process can now take place in a significantly more energy-efficient environment that both reduces the carbon footprint of each transaction and offers drastically lower gas fees for a more cost-effective bottom line. 

Casper also offers the most secure blockchain environment for the growing number of businesses looking to unlock value from Web3 technologies without compromising core compliance requirements – e.g., deploying a smart contract over which they will have no subsequent control. Casper’s unique, upgradeable smart contract model renders this issue moot. 

This announcement represents a major milestone for Casper’s growing NFT ecosystem. CasperLabs is already working with companies building a diverse array of NFT applications on the Casper Blockchain, including an NFT-based patent trading marketplace, fine arts auctions and a marketplace for luxury collectibles. 

Both BLOCKv and SmartMedia have a proven track record in driving mass adoption of NFT technology, via campaigns and partnerships with the likes of the NBA, Vodafone, AXE, Ben & Jerry’s and Doritos, among others. They are welcome additions to the ever-growing Casper ecosystem, and promise to usher in even more exciting developments in the coming months. 

BLOCKv and CasperLabs will be showcasing the capabilities of this new partnership during a June 9th event Under The Big Top at Consensus in Austin, TX. There, users will be able to enter into an augmented reality experience and search the event space for Non-Fungible Treasure Chests, unlock them and receive NFT Give-Aways.

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