Jul 19, 2023

Casper Labs to Tokenize and List Equity Shares on INX Platform

Matt Coolidge

Matt Coolidge

VP of Global Communications

Casper Labs to Tokenize and List Equity Shares on INX Platform

We’ve got an exciting update to share. 


Earlier today, we announced that Casper Labs will be tokenizing and listing equity in the company, via INX, a U.S.-regulated broker-dealer, alternative trading system and transfer agent. It’s an exciting milestone not only for Casper Labs, but for privately-held companies at large that want to open up new opportunities for investors seeking access to opportunities that were previously only available to select groups of institutions. What if we all could have invested in Facebook back in 2007 – or Amazon in 1995? 


“INX is proud to list a layer-1 blockchain and enterprise technology provider that is extremely well positioned to capitalize on huge market opportunities including blockchain and AI.” 

– Bob Ejodame, VP of Capital Markets, INX


The listing of Casper Labs equity on INX.One is scheduled for September 2023, allowing prospective buyers ample time to sign up on the INX platform and participate in this opportunity. We’ll be sharing more details soon on how and where to register; be sure to join INX’s email list if you want to receive the latest communications on this front. 


INX’s mission is to increase access for U.S. and international investors to the growing opportunities in the digital economy. After careful vetting and diligence, we’re confident that the INX.One platform sets a global standard for effectively achieving democratization in financial markets, while simultaneously providing the necessary regulatory guardrails through close collaboration with U.S. and global regulators. This model was further validated by the recent partnership between INX and Republic, one of the world’s largest and most trusted private investment platforms. 


Here’s to exciting days ahead! 

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