May 25, 2022

Realizing an Interoperable Blockchain with CasperLabs and IBM

How Casper and IBM Can Improve Public-Private Blockchain Interoperability

Matt Coolidge

Matt Coolidge

VP of Global Communications

Realizing an Interoperable Blockchain with CasperLabs and IBM

IBM joined CasperLabs at the Blockchain Hub this week to demonstrate the first atomic cross-chain swap of fungible and non-fungible tokens between an instance of a Hyperledger Fabric private network and the Casper Blockchain. Part of a growing series of collaborations between CasperLabs and IBM, the swap is modeled using the HTLC protocol and implemented using CasperLabs’ smart contract SDK, TypeScript SDK and Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Labs Weaver: DLT Interoperability Framework at

The technology enabling secure swaps between potentially different classes of tokens residing on different networks, and particularly the hybrid public-private exchange is critical for increasing the liquidity of blockchain-enabled markets. CasperLabs is working with IBM to develop lightweight, secure bridges for both private and public blockchain networks, to be delivered as an enterprise-grade, customizable software product. 


For both CasperLabs and IBM enterprise clients, this technology offers an exciting option for combining the enhanced security of a private consortium network running Hyperledger Fabric with the public verifiability and open market access enabled by the Casper public blockchain.

"Enterprises have, over the years, developed several applications on Hyperledger and have significant assets on this secure, private network,” said Ashok Ranadive, director of professional services at CasperLabs. “Our product enables these enterprises that have now realized the potential of secure, public, and energy-efficient Casper Blockchain, to benefit from its permissionless nature to unlock these assets for higher liquidity." 

The Blockchain Hub took place in Davos, Switzerland from May 23 - 25, 2022. Over the course of three days, leaders from CasperLabs joined nearly 100 of the world’s foremost thinkers, policymakers and executives helping to shape the future of blockchain adoption for a series of conversations and technical demonstrations.

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