About Us

A blockchain that makes sense for business

Casper is the first blockchain built specifically for business adoption. Casper’s unique design allows it to adapt and endure with your business over time – and thanks to Casper Labs, organizations building on Casper always have a clear place to turn for dedicated services, support and bespoke software development.

Casper Labs

We’re building the essential foundation for an entirely new era of customer value and business success.

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We realized that neither on the structure side nor the product side was a blockchain company or protocol that was really taking care of the needs of enterprise...that's what led me to found Casper Labs.

Mrinal Manohar, CEO

We are one global team

Our growing team of nearly 100 employees spans three continents and countless time zones. We’re committed to building the most reliable and sustainable blockchain for businesses by meeting organizations where they are, not vice versa.

Our Values

We enjoy a low turnover rate and high employee satisfaction due to our core values - we stay true to them through everything that we do.

Act like an Owner

This is our company. We each are and act like owners. We are working for ourselves. In doing so, we are humble and quietly confident.

Appeal to Competence

We listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully. Our words are important to communicate ideas and create synergies, but our actions speak the loudest. We lead by example.

Have Fortitude

Disagree & Align: We have convictions and are tenacious. We respectfully challenge ideas and positions. Once a decision is made, we march forth together.

Commit to Excellence

We consistently exceed expectations, not just for ourselves but for each other. We focus on results over process. We don’t just meet the bar; we raise the bar.

Learn and Grow

We choose to evolve. When doing so, we know that mistakes do happen. We recognize that discomfort is a part of the growing process, and we do not shy away from it.

Hire and Develop the Best

We recognize and develop exceptional talent. We embrace hiring people smarter than ourselves. Our team is our most valuable asset.

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