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Who's building on Casper?

Blockchain technology should meet businesses where they are, not vice versa. Successful outcomes require a high degree of flexibility and interoperability with your existing systems. Unlike other “one-size-fits-all” blockchains, Casper delivers just that.

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Learn more about how we helped IPwe acquire over 300 new clients in less than 4 months.

Casper Labs

Chengdu Chain

Smart cities are building on Casper. Learn how Casper Labs created an open permission based blockchain network for the city of Chengdu, China.

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Metacask is going beyond basic NFT use cases by combining asset-backed NFT technology with auctions and an NFT marketplace utilizing Casper's blockchain.

Casper Labs


Connecting IoT devices to Casper for a 24/7 source of truth for location and condition of goods.

Casper Labs

Nucleus Finance - Asset backed security tokens

Casper Labs has partnered with Nucleus Finance to tokenize financial contracts and increase efficiency in capital markets. 

Casper Labs

Nucleus Finance - Digitized and tokenized securities

Casper Labs and Nucleus Finance are helping a client create asset-backed security tokens for higher liquidity and lower operational costs. 

Casper Labs

Nucleus Finance - Tokenized invoices

Creating tokenized invoices for faster and more secure payments.

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