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Realize the power of responsible AI with blockchain

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as the most exciting technology on the market today, with seemingly limitless potential. However, current systems are constrained by persistent issues with data quality, questions around AI ethics and, most critically, a lack of auditability to effectively address existing issues. 

Blockchain technology is the most cost-effective and powerful means to address these challenges. It allows organizations to harness the benefits of responsible AI to realize more accurate results that positively impact their bottom lines. 


of businesses believe that artificial intelligence will help increase their overall productivity.


The hallucination rate for the market’s most popular AI tools is as high as 20%.


of respondents to a recent Forbes survey reported concern over misinformation from artificial intelligence.

The Casper effect

Realize Full Audit Capabilities

An AI’s effectiveness is as good as the quality of its training data. Too often, AI training data sets are stored in a completely opaque manner that makes it impossible to reconcile – or even diagnose – issues when they arise. With Casper, you can store entire training data sets in a transparent and tamper-proof database. This enables far greater insight into AI training data, including diagnosing what went wrong, when and why – along with the ability to restore previous iterations of an AI, when decision logic was properly weighted, as the problem is remediated.

Maintain Full Access Control

On Casper, you can fully control who has access, and to which parts, of a given data set. This ensures that you can always ensure transparency for relevant data without inadvertently exposing sensitive and/or irrelevant data in the process. This, coupled, with the unprecedented visibility that Casper offers, enables businesses to effectively navigate around the security risks of AI and realize higher levels of AI safety.

Automate Shutdown Triggers

Casper-based smart contracts, which are fully upgradeable, can instantly detect when an AI’s behavior deviates from its intended function, and automatically shut it down (think of this as akin to an AI kill switch) to mitigate against any long-lasting damage that could arise from hallucinations or rogue AI behavior.

Improve Data Economics

Casper’s hybrid blockchain model allows AI to fully benefit from the security of a public blockchain, while maintaining especially sensitive and/or less relevant (and storage-heavy) data sets in fully private environments. You have full control over setting each parameter, including choosing validators, to fully realize the advantages of artificial intelligence.