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Unearth New Value from the Digital Economy

Financial Services is transforming at a rapid pace

Leaders at the largest wealth management, banking, insurance and corporate banking firms continue to build on their digital transformations with an enhanced focus on personalizing digital interactions, evolving payments, creating super-apps, and leveraging new and exciting artificial intelligence capabilities. Casper features an unprecedented level of access, analytics and transparency when it comes to working with financial data, as well as real-time data access across a variety of databases.


of financial services firms worldwide are already investing in blockchain technology.


Blockchain will enable banks to save up to $27 billion on cross-border settlement transactions by 2030.


Moving securities to blockchain environments can save up to $24 billion annually in global trade processing costs.

The Casper effect

Optimize Cash Flow Management

In challenging economic times, businesses are often tasked with improving short-term liquidity. By fractionalizing contracts with new tools on the Casper Blockchain, organizations can efficiently access new capital flows to ensure on-time delivery, without sacrificing assets on their balance sheet.

Deliver Lightning Fast Payments

Customer experience is king in fintech. Firms are increasingly focused on delivering real-time payments gateways to customers; Casper offers the most secure and transparent means to do so with blockchain technology, all while maintaining full control over your data, along with the ability to natively upgrade production apps.

Leverage Smart Financial Contracts

Smart financial contracts represent a major evolution from current tokenized offerings. Casper’s technology allows organizations to tokenize digital securities within the broadly-accepted ACTUS framework, which governs more than 98% of all financial contracts. Adopting this industry standard will allow organizations to more seamlessly and compliantly pursue new tokenization initiatives as they seek new and improved revenue streams.

Create More Efficient Derivatives via Tokenization

As financial instruments grow increasingly complex, blockchain technology is emerging as a powerful standardization tool. With Nucleus Finance on Casper, organizations can now bundle disparate contracts together to increase transparency and more efficiently sell off in capital markets, while realizing a higher rate of return at greater speed.


Who’s building on Casper

Blockchain technology should meet businesses where they are, not vice versa. Successful outcomes require a high degree of flexibility and interoperability with your existing systems. Unlike other “one-size-fits-all” blockchains, Casper delivers just that.

Casper Labs

Leading auto leasing service increases liquidity via asset-backed security tokens

Casper Labs has partnered with Nucleus Finance to tokenize financial contracts and increase efficiency in capital markets. 

Casper Labs

Nucleus Finance: increasing efficiency in capital markets via tokenized securities

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Casper Labs

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Creating tokenized invoices for faster and more secure payments.