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Modernize systems to improve trust and make life easier

Governments do more than create laws and regulations. They serve as a central database for important paperwork of all kinds, including birth certificates, identification documents, passports and more. Digitizing records can unlock drastic new efficiencies – but it’s a complex process to get there. Casper Labs provides an enterprise-grade blockchain platform, coupled with dedicated services and support, that’s helping a growing number of government organizations do just that.


of public sector leaders believe their governments are not keeping pace with the private sector’s adoption of modern technology


increase in identity fraud in the U.S. alone since 2020


amount by which blockchain technology is projected to boost global GDP by 2030

The Casper effect

Accelerate Digitization Initiatives

Digitization initiatives have taken hold across the private sector, creating seamless and personalized experiences – and citizens are now demanding it from the public sector. Casper provides the ideal platform to create immutable records at scale while improving overall data accessibility, in a manner that seamlessly integrates with existing technology stacks.

Enhance Data Security

Security is always at the top of the list because of the highly sensitive data in which governments traffic. Growing cyber threats only exacerbate this concern; Casper enables governments to seamlessly port identity-bound data between highly secure private, hybrid and public environments for more efficient processes.

Improve Track and Trace Functionality

A supply chain’s effectiveness ultimately comes down to the ability to track and trace the status of goods at every stage of the journey. Blockchain technology offers drastic improvements that enable organizations to more transparently share and monitor the status of transported goods, maintain secure digital ledgers in permissioned or permissionless environments, facilitate auditing and compliance and provide an enhanced level of security throughout the value chain.

Streamline Identity Verification

Securely store identity records on-chain to more easily facilitate tasks like renewing a driver’s license or establishing marital certificates. And tourists can quickly verify passport terms and conditions in a non-intrusive manner, even, regaining key documentation without lengthy waits.


Who’s building on Casper

Blockchain technology should meet businesses where they are, not vice versa. Successful outcomes require a high degree of flexibility and interoperability with your existing systems. Unlike other “one-size-fits-all” blockchains, Casper delivers just that.

Casper Labs

Chengdu Chain

Smart cities are building on Casper. Learn how Casper Labs created an open permission based blockchain network for the city of Chengdu, China.

Casper Labs


Metacask is going beyond basic NFT use cases by combining asset-backed NFT technology with auctions and an NFT marketplace utilizing Casper's blockchain.