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Separate from the retail pack

Improve Customer Experience and Retention

Retail is a highly dynamic industry. Its increasingly digital nature has opened the door for many new participants, making the process of attracting and retaining customers even more competitive. Trust is key for retailers, with fraud an ever-present and growing concern. Blockchain technology offers a new and less invasive way to engage consumers, as well as a more secure way to safeguard their data while reducing the risk of fraud.


Volume that ecommerce sales grew from 2020 - 2022


Annual retailer revenue lost to cart abandonment


Rate that gamification strategies can increase customer acquisition

The Casper effect

Improve Trust with Customers

Consumers want to ensure they’re supporting ethically sourced products. Whether it’s avoiding conflict diamonds, buying fair trade coffee or confirming the locality of a given good, they expect transparent supply chains. The Casper Blockchain offers a tamper-proof database that allows organizations to verifiably prove an item’s origin and journey.

Launch Better Loyalty Programs

Craft identity-bound offers for specific customers, including NFT-based coupons that are unique to a user’s credentials and unusable by anyone else, and which integrate directly with your website. If the customer chooses to act on that offer, it’s instantly applied to their cart at checkout.

Reduce Transaction Fraud

Fraud remains an existential issue for retailers. By storing customer transactions on Casper’s secure and tamper-proof ledger, you can realize a more effective, transparent and timely system for resolving disputes and minimizing the risk of transaction fraud.

Personalize User Experiences

Gamification and rewards systems improve retention. And rest assured that personal data is fully secure in a tamper-proof database. Casper even enables stock-specific actions. Down to your last five items? Convert limited supply into auctions to maximize revenue. 


Who’s building on Casper

Blockchain technology should meet businesses where they are, not vice versa. Successful outcomes require a high degree of flexibility and interoperability with your existing systems. Unlike other “one-size-fits-all” blockchains, Casper delivers just that.

Casper Labs


Casper has enabled Metacask to deliver a truly differentiated marketplace for buying, selling and trading rare goods.

Casper Labs


WISEeSat uses Casper to ensure a 24/7/365 source of truth for the location and condition of goods to improve trust.